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Become “Corresponding Perfumer” for the Scientific Committee of the Osmothèque:


As part of the creation of an interdisciplinary Scientific Committee made up of university researchers specialized in perfume and olfaction, the Osmothèque is looking for “Corresponding Perfumers”.

  • The Scientific Committee, which will be officially launched mid-September 2021, is responsible for continuing the research activity of the Osmothèque by formalizing it and developing projects related to the history of perfume. It also encourages relations between the worlds of academic research and perfume creators in order to promote exchanges and collaborative projects on subjects related to the missions of the Osmothèque.
  • Alain Corbin and Jean-Claude Ellena are the two Honorary Presidents. The names of the other members of the Committee will be revealed at the launch.
  • The “Corresponding Perfumers” constitute a network of expert perfumers who agree to be asked to share their knowledge and experience based on the Committee’s research projects and the expertise required.

The Osmothèque is therefore calling on perfumers who wish to contribute to the work of the Scientific Committee.

  • Do you want to contribute to a multidisciplinary research project on perfume?
  • Do you want to work with researchers to safeguard the olfactory heritage of French and international perfumery?
  • Do you want to help find archives related to the history of perfumery?
  • Would you like to participate in the reconstruction of ancient and lost perfumes with the help of historians, scientists and experts from the Osmothèque?
  • Do you like to share your knowledge and work with a multidisciplinary team?

Send your application to become “Corresponding Perfumer” (before October 1, 2021) to:

Applicants must have worked at least ten years as perfumers and want to contribute to the overall project of the Committee through their experience. Thank you.


Isabelle Chazot,

In charge of the relations with researchers and responsible for constituting the Scientific Committee of the Osmothèque

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