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  • Perfumes are surely the most delicate and evanescent of all human creations. Yet they make a lasting impression on the memory. What do we do when perfumes are no longer found for sale? How do we find them again ?

  • The Osmothèque (from the Greek « osmè » = odor and « theke » = storage) is a nonprofit organization which opened on 26 April 1990.
  • The first perfume archive in all history, it preserves these very delicate, precious creations from the wear-and-tear of time and keeps them from becoming lost and forgotten. This living collection of existing or no-longer available perfumes protects the world’s fragrance heritage.
  • The Osmothèque collection today represents more than 3,200 perfumes, including 400 that are no longer available (Updated March 2015).

  • The purpose of the Osmothèque is not only to preserve perfumes but also to transmit knowledge about the little-known perfume profession. The Osmothèque welcomes all audiences, whether neophytes, perfume lovers or industry professionals to ensure that visitors can discover or rediscover legendary fragrances.
  • Through our perfume sessions (about 150 per year) and the articles published on our blog, anyone can deepen their knowledge, either for professional reasons or simply for pleasure.
  • It is also possible to make private appointments with our team or with an osmocurator/perfumer for a personalized tour.
    You can also check our specialized bookstore or private library to do research.

The Osmothèque, the world’s only perfume archive

More than 4,000 perfumes
including 800 that are no longer found

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About us

Patricia de Nicolaï has been president of the Osmothèque since 2008; a well-known perfumer passionate about her profession, she is supported by a team of people who wanted to become involved in the life of this exceptional organization. The team is made up of established perfumers, the “osmocurators”. They ensure the smooth running of the collection, and it is they who hold the perfume training sessions at the Osmothèque.

To assist the osmocurators with their interesting mission, a team of three people is responsible for developing the organization’s many projects.

The Osmothèque is always on the lookout for enthusiasts who could help us on a volunteer basis: if you are interested and could provide a helping hand, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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