COLLECTION4,000 perfumes including 800 that are no longer found

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  • One of the Osmothèque’s tasks consists in making an inventory of perfumes that are known or no longer sold, thanks to help from :
  • • Perfume houses, makers and owners of perfumes
  • • Perfume-making companies, perfumers who are sometimes in possession of the formulas of perfumes that are no longer available
  • • A few individuals who inherited perfume houses that no longer exist
  • Perfume formulas are not donated but entrusted to the Osmothèque, which acts as guardian. The perfume/s remain the property of the lender/s. For this reason, the fragrances entrusted to us cannot be tried or used for commercial purposes
  • The Osmothèque carefully remakes long-lost perfumes, rigorously respecting original formulas. When one or more raw materials are not available, the fragrance is not reconstituted. The Osmothèque does not act as an interpreter but an archivist.
  • The collection is grouped and stored in a room we call the “cellar” that is especially equipped for preserving perfumes: absence of daylight, constant temperature of 12°C, perfumes stored with a protective layer of argon (inert gas), regular assessment by the osmocurators.

Perfume’s living heritage

An exceptional collection

THE TREASURES : perfumes that no longer exist, essential for understanding how modern perfumery evolved

The Osmothèque's treasures

This fabulous collection makes it possible to smell the masterpieces of perfumery: the perfumes that formed the bases of modern perfumery or that made a lasting impact on their times: Fougère Royale (1884) HOUBIGANT, Le Fruit Défendu (1914) PARFUMS DE ROSINE – POIRET, Le Chypre (1917) COTY, Crêpe de Chine (1925) MILLOT, Iris Gris (1947) JACQUES FATH…


Become “Corresponding Perfumer” for the Scientific Committee of the Osmothèque: CALL FOR APPLICATIONS As part of the creation of an interdisciplinary Scientific Committee made up of university researchers specialized in perfume and olfaction, the Osmothèque is looking for “Corresponding Perfumers”. The Scientific Committee, which will be officially launched mid-September 2021, is responsible for continuing the […]

Bergamot : from yesterday until today

Bergamot is an essential material in today’s perfumes due to its fresh, zesty smell. Yet, as all citrus fruits, it is at the center of regulatory issues. What are the solutions that will enable perfumers to keep using it?


Journées Européennes du Patrimoine Ouverture de l’Osmothèque Samedi 17 septembre de 10 h à 17 h Osmothèque – Campus Isipca 36 rue du Parc de Clagny 78 000 Versailles. + Au MIP à Grasse (06) : Conférence olfactive sur les Parfums de la Belle Epoque Curiosités de l’Osmothèque et parfums de stars – Conférencier : Jean […]

Programme juillet 2016

“A LA RECHERCHE DU PARFUM PERDU…” L’Osmothèque ouvre ses portes tout le mois de juillet, du lundi au vendredi de 15h00 à 16h30*. Au programme : – Découverte des parfums emblématiques de la collection – Présentation de l’orgue de parfumeur et de matières premières – Visite du cœur de l’Osmothèque : la cave  Durée de […]

Nouvelle mise à jour de la classification officielle des parfums

La nouvelle mise à jour de la Classification officielle des Parfums (jeu de 15 fiches) est disponible à l’Osmothèque Les parfums commercialisés en 2014 sont désormais intégrés dans la Classification. Ceux qui détiennent déjà le classeur de la Classification peuvent se procurer les 15 nouvelles fiches (à insérer en remplacement des actuelles). Classification : 25,00 € Jeu de 15 fiches […]

Latest acquisitions

The collection is growing day by day. Thanks to the brands sending us their new fragrances, the collection is also very up-to-date. Our talks present our treasures as well as recent perfumes to showcase the full range of the perfume industry’s heritage.

Looking for an old fragrance? A current one? Don’t hesitate to write to us to see if our collection contains what you are looking for.

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Entrusting your perfumes to usSEE THE AGREEMENT

Preservation agreement for perfumes archived at the Osmothèque​​


What about the formulas of which we are the custodians ? They are placed in safe storage in a bank vault.


Preservation agreement for perfumes archived at the Osmothèque​​


What about the formulas of which we are the custodians ? They are placed in safe storage in a bank vault.

Trust us with
your perfumes

If you are a perfume professional and wish to entrust your perfume to us, whether it is currently on the market or has been withdrawn, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Don’t let the Osmothèque miss out on your new fragrances: please include us in your press listing, so we will always be kept informed.

  • Individuals
    Seeing the collectionThe collection can be visited during a fragrance talk or session. See the schedule.
    Are the dates for our sessions inconvenient for you? You can make an appointment either with our team or an osmocurator. Don’t hesitate to write us to learn the conditions.
  • Groups
    Are you an association, works council, group of friends, middle school, high school, college or university group ?
    You benefit from preferential rates for a group of 15 or more people.
    You can take part in a fragrance session that is already on the schedule, or ask for a private session on the theme of your choice.
  • Professionals
    Perfume professionals benefit from several possibilities for discovering our collection.
    Private appointment: in the company of an osmocurator, dive into the fascinating details of our collection.
  • Perfume sessions on the history of perfumery or on a subject of your choosing : have a look at all of the subjects we can talk about for your coworkers (marketing, sales force, training, perfumers, fragrance units).

Seeing the collection

Whether a neophyte or a perfume buff, you can sign up for our fragrance sessions on the history of perfumery or other subjects. See the schedule of talks