World Perfumery Congress 2018 5 June 2018

"An archive of scents is an archive of emotions"

Patrica de Nicolaï, president of the Osmothèque.

The Osmothèque, the world's perfume archive, is safeguarding France’s perfumery heritage for 30 years through a collection of 4 000 fragrances that keeps expanding as new scents are added. 

We will be at the WPC in Nice next week.  It's the ideal forum to meet our team, to discover a selection of treasures of our collections, and present you our olfactive lectures and whorkshops for professionals.

Booth TT9 - TT8  - Third floor (with SFP and SIPC organizations).

Palais des Congrès Nice Acropolis Nice, France images

Contact : Anne-Cécile POUANT