Perfume discovery sessions : the history of perfumery 26 April 2017

An experienced perfumer will tell you all about the history of perfumery from antiquity to the present, while getting you to smell old perfumes and common and unusual raw materials, as well as certain Osmothèque treasures: perfumes no longer available commercially but which made an impact on their times. Houbigant, Coty, Poiret, Guerlain: you will enjoy discovering or rediscovering wonderful masterpieces of perfumery.

About thirty raw materials and old or current perfumes will be smelled and described by the speaker: myrrh, incense, opopanax, Parfum Royal (A.D. 1st century ), L’Eau de la Reine de Hongrie (14th century), Eau de Cologne de Napoléon à Sainte-Hélène (1820), Fougère Royale (1884) HOUBIGANT, Le Fruit Défendu (1914) LES PARFMUNS DE ROSINE – POIRET, Le Chypre (1917) COTY, Crêpe de Chine (1925) MILLOT, Iris Gris (1947) JACQUES FATH,…