« A fragrant journey through feminine and masculine fragrances from the end of the 19th century until today. » 28 juin 2018

Atelier-conférence pour la British Society of Perfumers

« As with music and painting, it is interesting to highlight links and filiations between perfumes. Isn’t it amazing that Fougère Royal 1884 gave birth to a phenomenal line of men's fragrances? Isn’t it puzzling that the famous Chypre 1917 explored a new area of the olfactory range? Isn’t it surprising that, without Vent VertFidji and Chanel N°19 would never have been created… Starting from achetypes, from one chord to an other, we will navigate through the genealogy of perfumes, and discover the perfume creators, chemists, brand’s directors who organized one by one the building blocks of our industry. »

Événement exceptionnel exclusivement réservé aux professionnels.